Shiva (Mahadev) Paintings

Bring Positive Energy, Power, and Prosperity in your House with Lord Shiva Wall Paintings!

Painting plays an important role in everybody’s life because colors are not enough to give a complete look to your wall. Designs of walls are also not enough to make your home attractive. That is why; you need an attractive and motivational painting to décor your home. With the gorgeous paintings, you can enhance the look of your walls.

If you are a painting lover then you should choose special wall art that can give you some special features. The paintings of Lord Shiva are popular nowadays. As per Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is the most important character among God. Let’s know more details about the paintings of Lord Shiva.

Importance of Lord Shiva Paintings

The paintings of Lord Shiva are graceful and religious for the house. It not only decorates your home but also provides blessings and happiness. Lord Shiva is an important character in the life of Hindus. Here are the reasons behind the popularity of Lord Shiva paintings: –

  • As per Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is known for power, peace, destruction of evils, and prosperity.
  • Lord Shiva gives boons instantly and fulfills your wishes after getting happy
  • The people who are apostles with Lord Shiva always worship to bring peace and success in life.
  • Through these paintings, you will not only improve the beauty of your home but always feel secure under the blessings of Lord Shiva.
  • In Hindus, around 99% of people have great faith in Lord Shiva and that is why; people are crazy to buy beautiful Lord Shiva paintings.

Where to Place Lord Shiva Paintings?

As Lord Shiva paintings are religious and not to be used in the washroom and on or below the staircase. If you want to add a religious touch to your walls then these paintings are the ideal choice. As per Hindu mythology, you can place these paintings at:

  • The prayer hall is one of the best places to hang these paintings. In a prayer hall, you can worship Lord Shiva’s painting and prevent negative energy at home.
  • The living room is also the best place to enhance the look of your walls.
  • You can also hang these paintings in the bedroom and hall area.
  • Along with wall paints, curtains, and furnishings, the paintings of Lord Shiva will enhance the beauty and charm of your house.

What is A Different Kind of Lord Shiva Painting?

One can find various types of Lord Shiva paintings online. Along with complete beauty, you can also get blessings and boons from Lord Shiva. Here are the types of these paintings:

  • Modern Art Lord Shiva Painting: – It is a good and auspicious thing to hang the paintings of God & Goddess at home or workplace. Modern art paintings can help you to improve the charm of your walls. These paintings show the actual beauty, anger, and peace of Lord Shiva. Artists know the popularity of Lord Shiva and that is why; they made out the various modern designs of these paintings.
  • Blue Lord Shiva Painting: – These types of paintings are unique and distinct from others. You can also feel the presence of Lord Shiva at home or office. These paintings also motivate you to go with the right decision in the right direction in your life.
  • Others: – Apart from the above types, the paintings of Lord Shiva are available in several other forms. Lord Shiva acrylic paintings, Lord Shiva canvas paintings, Lord Shiva panel paintings, Lord Shiva watercolor paintings, Handmade Lord Shiva paintings, and Abstract designs of Lord Shiva paintings.

Why Should You Buy Online Shiva Paintings?

People love to hang the paintings of Lord Shiva because they have deep faith. Most of the religious people, are investing in these paintings because:

  • In India, Lord Shiva is the best and most popular worshipped deity.
  • He is also known in various forms such as Trimurti, Maheshwar, Nataraja, Nilkantha & Rudra.
  • These wall arts show beauty, success, silence, and happiness in-home or office.
  • The apostles always seek blessings and insight from Lord Shiva.
  • After placing these paintings, Lord Shiva will be always with you to fight against negative energy, enemy, or evil.

How to Buy Online Shiva Paintings?

If you want to buy these paintings then visit at DecoreMantra ( Here, lots of options are available for you to decorate your home and office premises. Along with a special discount, you can get your favorite item at an affordable price. Before buying, it is very important to maintain the area, space, light, color, furniture, etc.

Last Words

Religious wall arts always touch the heart of guests or visitors. Lord Shiva paintings are the best and most beautiful wall paintings for home. Bring lots of happiness and joy and seek blessings with Lord Shiva every day. Go and find out the latest modern design of Lord Shiva paintings to garnish the charm of your walls.